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Reviews by Oprah, Good Morning America, CNET, NYTimes and yours truly. Feel confident your gifts (for yourself or others) are tested and highly recommended by trusted sources.

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Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

The Anova Precision Cooker Nano makes it easy to achieve professional-level cooking results at home.

ANOVA PRECISION COOKER WI-FI - Perfect to cook from anywhere with WI-FI. Serves up to 12. Fits on any pot. Adjustable clamp

ANOVA PRECISION COOKER WI-FI - Perfect to cook from anywhere with WI-FI. Serves up to 12. Fits on any pot. Adjustable clamp

  • SMART DEVICE CONTROL & COOKING NOTIFICATIONS - The Precision Cooker can be controlled remotely with smart devices, allowing you to escape from the kitchen while you cook. Simply download the Anova app to easily monitor, adjust or control the device from your iPhone and Android or other smart devices. The Precision Cooker also provides you cooking notifications while you're out of the kitchen so you'll know when your food is ready. The Precision Cooker's WI-FI connection allows you to control the device from anywhere

  • EASY TO USE - Simply attach the Precision Cooker to any pot, add water, drop in desired food in a sealed bag or glass jar. Start cooking with the touch of a button. The sous vide cooker's timer and precise temperature control allow you to step away and relax while your food cooks perfectly. No additional equipment needed

Apple AirPods
Apple Computer

Apple Airpods were definitely the hottest tech item for teens and hip adults in 2018. And yes, you can use them with non-Apple devices. These wireless earbuds feel comfortable in the ear and don’t fall out during exercise- for most people. Use one or both at a time for full duplex (both parties can hear and speak at the same time) audio. Locate your devices - left and right - using Find My Phone app on Apple devices. The charging case is pretty cool too! Around $150.

Slingbox 500
Sling Media

Do you rent a cable box with your cable TV subscription? If so, the Slingbox connects to your cable box and transmits all your subscribed channels to the next room or to your second home or hotel room or airport. Your paid subscription follows you to wherever you are using the SlingPlayer app on your computer phone, tablet. Or you can watch cable TV shows on a separate TV using your mobile device as the controller with the help of a Chromecast, AppleTV or Roku device attached to that TV. Why rent a separate cable box or even pay for cable TV in two places? Around $300


One of Oprah’s Favorite Things! Amazon has added video to their hugely popular Echo line of speakers. A modern multi-purpose bedside or table device; alarm clock, speaker phone, weather, search, video calls. Compatible with all Alexa-enabled devices . Around $130

Bose quality and reputation are impeccable. Airplane ride to or from Orlando airport or subway ride to work? Enough said. Around $350

 Diverse people holding hands and running in the park

What’s worse than digging for your door keys in your handbag? Keys in my pockets, if I have pockets, messes up my outfit sillouhette! With the August Smart Lock, your smart phone will unlock your front door as you approach the lock! Using Bluetooth technology and the August app on your phone, no need to pull out your phone either! I like that I can assign door permissions to individuals using email addresses or phone numbers, and the app tracks who, when and how each person locked or unlocked the door. Perfect for ensuring kids are in the house after school, or tracking the time that teenager came home last night! Delete permissions or set a time limit for visitors to have access; useful for Airbnb hosts and guests. Another lifesaver is the ability to lock and unlock the door remotely through the app for that contractor or forgetful spouse.An add-on smart keypad is available for those who don't use smartphones or whose phone have died- which happens when you are returning home from work of course. No more lost keys! $140-250

I have owned an Ooma for 8 years and not paid a home telephone bill in all that time. My account says I’ve saved over $4000! The unit price has not increased since then, which means to me that it is still in demand, maintaining market share in it’s niche and the technology is still current. Just connect via Ethernet cable to your internet router for an easy setup. I highly recommend it as a cost-saving, convenient, portable, versatile and long-term solution for a home or business telephone/answering device. They have added smart sensors and security devices to their suite of products which communicate with the Ooma Telo as its hub. A very natural and intuitive growth for their brand. ~$79

I love this device. I have two installed at home. Welcome and monitor visitors at your entry doors with 2-way audio and 1-way video; your phone rings when the doorbell rings! Confirm your Amazon and holiday package deliveries. Record and download motion videos (for a nominal fee) for review, live or later on your cell phone. Now compatible with Alexa! Around $250


This digital frame is amazing! I have one of the early generation frames at home and given it as a gift. It’s always appreciated! Who doesn’t like to add their newest photos to picture frames! Now this version has Alexa, Wifi and Cloud capability. Meaning, you can send your cell phone photos by Wifi to your frame- no more removing and inserting SD cards. The Cloud feature allows you to upload photos for storage on Nixplay servers and then make playlists for your giftees to receive curated and updated photos from you. Of course, Alexa ability adds voice command ability to control all of these functions. Amazing and on Amazon! ~$179